Meet Meredith

Meredith Boudousquié

Owner – Principal Designer – Secret Rock Star

I am a sweet tea drinking, classic rock loving, self-proclaimed ‘Tetris Jedi’.  In my spare time, I sing loudly in the car, live for Mardi Gras & Jazz Fest, am filled with wanderlust, and love to talk about how CBD can change your life.  More importantly, I’m a wife & boy Mom – #AdoptionRocks!

I earned an Associate of Arts, in Interior Design, from Delgado Community College in New Orleans & since 2001 have been transforming homes across the country.  The early years of my career were spent honing my craft, under the directive of several high-end Interior Designers & Architects in New Orleans & Houston.  Along with my Interior Design education & 20+ years spent working closely alongside experts in our field, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge & experience, which I bring to all my projects today.

My fresh, uncluttered designs are created with thoughtful intention, balanced with the use of high-performance finishes & brought to life with fun, funky décor & unexpected pops of color.  I truly believe a home can be both stylish & practical, without having to compromise its beauty.


*I know what you’re thinking – all this info is great but, how does she pronounce her crazy last name, am I right?  I get it, I had a hard time at first too.  Just say “Boo-duh-skay” & you’ll always get it right.  And once we meet, I’ll teach you a little trick, so you’ll never forget how to spell it.